Here we are, early November, coloured leaves still on the trees..the remanence of Halloween pumpkins still on front porches…But here at the Momtactics household, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….. well not really!

Last year after much debate between my rational self, and my slightly insane “this would be fun” self, we welcomed Toby, our very own Elf on the Shelf! At first it was exciting finding fun places to make him appear each morning, then as time went on the fun became more like a “holly shit, I forgot to move the creepy doll, and Boytactics is going to realize that this is all a hoax” kind of feeling. I’m still not sure if it scared me more that he may be disappointed or if the near heart attack feeling was caused by the fact that if he figured this out,  I was going to be out of ways to threaten him to behave until Christmas!

Thankfully I managed to come up with excellent reasons in my non caffeinated state, as to why Toby was still in the same spot as the day before. Some of these reasons included, but were not limited to…”It was really stormy last night, so he decided to stay here”, or “Wow Toby must really like that spot”, or “oh well that must be a good spot to keep an eye on you”, and my personal favorite… “well sometimes even a bloody Elf needs a night off!”

I figured after getting through last year ok, we could maybe have Toby arrive a little earlier this year so I could get as many miles out of this creepy doll as I could. So, Toby arrived on November 3rd…and this year he has gotten much more creative in how he appears…

We’ll have wait and see how long these creative ways of appearing last…but for now it’s still fun, so why not!