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When did I go from walking past a construction site and being annoyed by the dust and noise, to actually seeking them out just to see the smile on my little boys face?

I don’t know when it happened, perhaps it was a slow build up, but I have gone from blowing past the truck section in the toy store to stopping and looking to see what latest models are on the shelf. I somehow have become that mom that goes out of her way to point out fire stations, police cars and cement mixers, making our daily errands just a little more exciting!

The most recent surprise to me is Boytactics newest love, BASEBALL. I have to say I played baseball as a child, but since then it has become my least favorite sport to watch, until recently that is. I now know every player on Boytactics favorite team. I mean I can recognize players in the outfield before I even see the back of their shirt. I am actually interested in watching the game and find myself literally on the edge of my seat when the game is tied up in the 9th inning!

I think these feelings are less for the actual team and more for the joy it will bring Boytactics when his team wins. It doesn’t seem to matter, that I have gone from not caring about who was playing a few months ago to now knowing the teams schedule, injured players, starting pitcher and the batting line up!

When did this happen? When did his joy become mine? How did I get from dolls and dress up to trucks and baseball? I guess the answer is, that this is just one of the many joys of having a boy, and I guess I am one of the lucky ones to get to have these experiences.

I would love to hear from you. Have your interests changed since having a little boy?

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