Making a “Picture Board” is a  fairly easy DIY for the home.  I have used cork board in the past, but thought I would try it with an old canvas painting that I was no longer using. I love how it turned out and the bonus was something I was going to throw out became something I love again!


  • Painting Canvas
  • Fabric (I found mine in the “As Is” section at Ikea)
  • Ribbon
  • Push Pins
  • Staple Gun/Staples
DIY Picture Board

DIY Picture Board


  1. Measure fabric to fit Canvas
  2. Lay the canvas face down on fabric and staple fabric tightly to the back frame of the canvas.
  3. Add the ribbon in the diamond pattern, (I started with a large X in the middle and went from there)
  4. Fasten ribbon to the canvas with the push pins.
  5. Hang your picture board and add your pics
  6. Enjoy!

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