Recently we had to attend a family function, which required  Dadtactics, myself and the kids to attend. Sounds simple right… Well as Girltactics gets older the longer it takes her to get ready, so I spend most of my time hurrying her along in hopes that her entire closet doesn’t end up on her bed! Boytactics has recently decided the most efficient way to get a shirt on is to run as fast as he can in the opposite direction, causing me to chase, yell and get completely flustered. Dadtactics takes his time to get himself ready occasionally offering up help when needed.

By the time everyone is ready to walk out the door, Dadtactics looks great, Girltactics looks perfectly polished, Boytactics looks super handsome, and then I look in the mirror…

My hair, that I just spent 20 minutes doing now resembles bed head, my face is flushed, and I feel like I just ran a 100 meter sprint on a hot summer day! My makeup resembles that of the 2am last call after a night of partying. In this moment I realize getting myself ready before everybody else may have been my first mistake, but head to the washroom and do my best to look presentable while my family tells me to hurry because they are all ready to go…as per my request!

As we head out the door I smile at my lovely family….(yeah right… I’m bitching, Dadtactics is grumpy, and the kids are both complaining..) and we are off, in hopes that we won’t have to do this again for a little while!

What about you, do you feel like it’s a sprint to get everyone out the door for these events?

Photo credit: Wikipedia

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